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We educate and develop the dialog between business, science and public sector in the area of process optimization, costs as well as resources usage through broad concept of outsourcing.Outsourcing Academy

Pro ProgressioGroup

The Pro Progressio Group is the organization supporting entrepreneurship growth in Poland with special focus on modern business services sector including such areas like BPO, SSC, R&D, Call Contact Center, etc. 

Co-operation and business relations with public (city halls, regional development agencies, special economy zones, technology parks) and private sector in Poland as well as with the international business organizations, make Pro Progressio Group a trustful and reliable organization which supports business growth in Poland. The group of organizations we are working with include services providers, training and education companies, recruitment agencies, real estate developers, consulting companies, universities as well as individual business experts. 

In 2012 within the Pro Progressio Group we have established the Pro Progressio Foundation, of which the main goals are: 

  • supporting cities in growing foreign direct investments, 
  • business and student education concerning the modern business services, 
  • promotion and recommendation of outsourcing services providers. 

The Pro Progressio Group runs the Pro Progressio Club. All companies who are outsourcing services providers, represent Shared Services or modern business services sector are welcome to join the Club and become the members of the fastest growing outsourcing group of experts in Poland. The Pro Progressio Club membership offer is directed especially to BPO and SSC, Car Fleet Management, Facility Management, Sales Force Outsourcing, Call Contact Center, and other organizations working in outsourcing business model. The Pro Progressio Club promotes and supports the members and creates new business co-operation opportunities.

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Stephan Fricke
Stephan FrickeGerman Outsourcing Association, CEOAfter our experiences in working with the Pro Progressio Foundation over a period of several years we gained the impressions that this is probably the most progressive network organisation in Poland. Its initiatives are innovative, targeted and provide a sustainable support for the Polish ITO/BPO industry as well as for their international partners.

Due to our partnership with Pro Progressio we were able to gain unique insights into the Polish ITO/BPO industry, make new contacts and understand better the conditions for German organisations that wish to invest in own operations or to co-operate with Polish service providers. The management is very responsive and supportive in cases of questions or information / co-operation inquiries. We already have exchange and co-operations planned with Pro Progressio for 2016 and looking forward to continue the partnership.
Tomasz Sadzyński
Tomasz SadzyńskiŁodź Special Economy Zone, CEOCooperation with the Pro Progressio is a pure satisfaction at the maximum level of effectiveness. It focuses on long-term relationships with a partner, both in strategic and specific projects.

We appreciate the high level of team work with ProProgressio, complexity of services and tailor made solutions which address our varius requirements and needs.
Wojciech Piotrowicz
Wojciech PiotrowiczResearch Fellow, University of OxfordWhile the main aim of the Outsourcing Portal is to disseminate knowledge about IT and BPO, it is time for cooperation between Portal and international academic community – moving from knowledge dissemination to knowledge creation, necessary to understand IT/BPO phenomenon in the Polish context.

Based on current support and cooperation with Pro Progressio Foundation it is possible to see that we are moving in such direction


Poland's rising outsourcing destinations

Poland's rising outsourcing destinations

The BSS Tour Bydgoszcz: Poland - European centre of IT services

The BSS Tour Bydgoszcz: Poland - European centre of IT services

Teaser of Outsourcing Stars Gala

Teaser of Outsourcing Stars Gala

Pro Progressio and Emerging Europe will work together

Pro Progressio and Emerging Europe will work together

Interactive Intelligence joins Outsourcing Club

Interactive Intelligence joins Outsourcing Club

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It was a successful year for the outsourcing industry The Outsourcing Stars 2015 finals
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