Foreign investments, Education, Promotion

The Pro Progressio Foundation supports cities in attracting foreign investments, runs business and students education workshops and promotes the best business practises in the area of modern business services.


Pro Progressio Foundation focuses on the growth and development of outsourcing industry in Poland. The Foundation cooperates with public sector (cities, regional development agencies, special economy zones, science and technology parks), private sector and organizations supporting outsourcing industry in Poland as well as with international outsourcing associations. Among the group of Foundation business partners there are outsourcing services providers, training companies, HR and Real Estate agencies, Universities and individual experts. 

In the scope of statutory goals of Pro Progressio Foundation there are activities supporting promotion of investment attractiveness of Polish cities, business education and promotion of industry best practices. 

The Pro Progressio Foundation runs its activities in Poland, but is also present on international events promoting business attractiveness of Poland. 

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