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The Pro Progressio Club is the Foundation’s project that gathers entities and organisations form the outsourcing and shared services sector as well as their direct and indirect surroundings. Thanks to their presence in the Pro Progressio Club, organisations obtain a permanent presence on OutsourcingPortal websites, have the ability to publish substantive content in Outsourcing&More, as well as to participate in the projects of the Pro Progressio Foundation.

The Pro Progressio Club is a platform for the sharing of knowledge, consultations, and networking. Thanks to access to reports, knowledge, and benchmarks from many different areas of outsourcing, the Club provides the opportunity to increase industry related knowledge and obtain information regarding new nearshoring and offshoring projects.

Thanks to the cooperation of the members of the Pro Progressio Club, club members have access to knowledge related to HR, Real Estate, project management, HR and payroll management, debt collection, IT, law, logistics, data protection and other areas of outsourcing.

Club members co-prepare industry reports, popularise outsourcing services, and have real influence on the perception of the modern business services sector in Poland. Club members are recommended for participation in many industry events in Poland and abroad, both as delegates, speakers, and the heads of discussion panels at renowned outsourcing events.

Club members have access to the contact information of people related to Pro Progressio as well as information regarding projects, consultations, and business activities conducted by the Foundation.

Club Membership costs are PLN 15,000 net for private entities and PLN 12,000 net for cities.

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